Ongoing Classes at Preservation Hall

We are pleased to announce a continued opportunity to move! Each Sunday, Becky Burrill will be leading Fleet Movement Explorations, an experimental dance class at Wellfleet Preservation Hall.

Sundays, 3-4:30PM
Celebrating Arts, Culture and Community
508.349.1800 (call ahead to confirm)

tumblr_mjccgeirV01r9nwnbo1_1280Fleet Movement Explorations is an experimental dance class in which we explore developmental movement patterns while sensing ourselves in space, weight, time, and the three dimensions. This is extended to exploring the articulation of movement initiations and refinement of body alignments. We play with evoking movementthough qualities of feeling, shape, force, idea, word and more. From this basis, we work out interactive improvisational skits. The class is basically informal, challenging, and fun, and a good movement workout. It plays spontaneously with forces, shapes, images, and ideas rather than specific dance technique. At times we will have guest teachers. All are welcome.

Lead by Becky Burrill—dancer, educator, visual artist.


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