2015 Collaborators

Fleet Moves is a project of the Movement Party and is made possible by the collaborative efforts of our team of teachers, performers, designers and community partners. Many Fleet Moves artists work to support the festival in multiple capacities, whether through performing, teaching, choreographing, or coordinating.

mp_rev4-01_600x600About the Movement Party: The Movement Party is a collaborative platform for investigating physical, environmental, and social awareness through dance. Comprised of a group of independent artists living and working across the United States, Movement Party members share a commitment to exploring how movement can enrich our daily lives, social practices, and forms of communication. Through public performances, workshops, and community programming, Movement Party projects increase access to dance while building a more sustainable arts ecosystem based on empowerment and reciprocity. Fleet Moves is a landmark project of the Movement Party and has provided a fertile ground for germinating year-round creative activities among Movement Party members and associated artists in Wellfleet and beyond. For more information on other Movement Party projects, visit www.movementparty.com

photoZena Bibler (Co-Founder) is a dancer and maker with a voracious appetite for all types of movement. An avid surfer, she has spent many magical months in Wellfleet and hopes to channel her love for dance and ocean into site-specific performances that enrich each other. Her live work has been presented at the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (Cairo), the International Dance Theatres Festival (Lublin), Sesc Vila Mariana (São Paulo) NADA Hudson, Movement Research, Dixon Place, Culturehub, and Fleet Moves Dance Festival. Together with Katie Schetlick, Zena is co-founder of the Movement Party and Fleet Moves Dance Festival. She holds a BA from Yale University in History and an MA in Performance Studies with a focus on site-specific performance and the politics and poetics of public space. For more information please see www.zenabibler.com 

BeckyBurrillRebecca Burrill is a dancer, visual artist, and movement based developmentalist. She received her doctorate in studies focusing on the relationships between movement, brain evolution, child development, art making, and learning. She is a certified elementary educator and is artistic director of improvisationally based dance programs in schools, K-12. She is published in Teaching Artist Journal, most recently: “The Primacy of Movement in Art-Making”, 10/2010; and published in The American Journal of Dance Therapy 10/2011. She recently performed a solo dance piece for APPEARANCES 2015: Fifth Annual Provincetown Green Arts Festival—Dancing the Dunes—linking languages of nature with languages of art, exemplifying her work of tracing the evolution of human intelligence back to our primal relationship with Nature, a relationship that was instrumental in the development of language and art. With these understandings she seeks to renew human engagement with the primary creative intelligences of movement, sound, feeling, imagination and ecological conscious and their natural, organic, empowering and integrative capacities.

WhitneyBrowneWhitney Browne is a movement and performance photographer living in Brooklyn. Her work has been published in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Dance Magazine, New York Magazine, and is the house photographer for arts organizations such as Fourth Arts Block, Lower Manhattan Community Council, and No Longer Empty. Whitney’s work has an emphasis on documentation, covering events and performances. She is also passionate about portrait and street photography. Whitney works in digital as well as analog mediums.

BrunoIsabella Bruno is an exhibition designer who leads BRUNO, a collaborative design firm. We love local stories presented a local context. We also love working with artists, helping them translate their thoughts into an audiences’ language. We’re happy to get Wellfleet dancing through Fleet Moves’ identity and presentation!

Sky Freyss-Cole is a facilitator, community connecter and dancer-at-heart who was born and raised in Wellfleet. She studied at the Global College of Long Island University as well as KaosPilots International School of Project, Process and Business Design in Denmark. She lived and worked around the world in North and Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia before returning to live full-time in her community on Cape Cod. Sky has been dancing for most of her life and although it has never been a professional endeavor, it is a deep passion of hers. Sky is also co-chair of Wellfleet Preservation Hall‘s Programming Committee and spends much of her time helping projects like Fleet Moves come to fruition.

JuliaHandschuhJulia Handschuh writes, moves, and makes objects; oftentimes in relation to issues of improvisation, ecology and the politics of space. In the past few years she has organized weekly donations from local farms to Occupy Wall Street kitchen, collaborated with Not an Alternative to design and build communications for direct actions, co-organized a three-day interdisciplinary convergence called Place [maker] Space, and published a chapter in Performance on Behalf of the Environment titled “On Finding Ways of Being: Kinesthetic Empathy in Dance and Ecology” informed by her work with iLAND (interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art Nature and Dance). She is also part of an ongoing collaboration by the name of Tristatic. Julia holds a BFA in performance and installation from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University and an MA in Performance Studies from NYU. More at: juliashoe.com

 Athena KokoronisBorn 1982 Philadelphia, PA. Athena Kokoronis is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY.  Her works are most often collaborative and research-based. They involve food, cloth, and mushroom hunting to create experiential presentations in both dance and art contexts. With support of iLAND in 2009, Kokoronis co-founded StrataSpore, an interdisciplinary research platform dedicated to a collective knowledge of fungi. She has performed for choreographer Daria Fain and has collaborated as Digestion Choreographer at Mildred’s Lane, an artist community in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Performances in New York have involved cooking, theories of mushroom procreation, a John Cage score, and the development of dance with a barter economy. Current work in progress is influenced by motherhood and a fermenting indigo vat in her cellar. She is the founding agent at the Domestic Performance Agency.

HannahKrafcikHannah Krafcik studied English and American Literature and Dance at the University of South Florida and went on to receive her Master of Arts in Performance Studies from New York University. She has since worked with cultural and community-based organizations specializing in communications, project management, and fundraising. Her curiosities lie with the potency of dance as a catalyst for community building. She currently works as Communications Manager at the Manny Cantor Center.

JasonMearsJason Mears, from Alaska, is a saxophonist, composer, and improviser who is currently living in New York City. He holds a BFA in Music Education from Boston University and a MFA in African-American Improvisational Music from California Institute of the Arts. Jason has studied with Wadada Leo Smith, Leroy Jenkins, Harvey Pittel, and Vinny Golia. Jason’s most recent project, 20 TON BRIDGE, an electro-acoustic ensemble with Quentin Tolimieri (keyboards), James Ilginfritz (bass), and Andrew Drury (drums) explores the multidimensional possibilities of his unique compositional language. As well as being a leader of the highly acclaimed Empty Cage Quartet, Jason has been a member of Anthony Braxton’s Trillium E Orchestra, Wadada Leo Smith’s Silver Orchestra, and Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day Octet. He has performed with Wadada Leo Smith, Vinny Golia, Anthony Braxton, Leroy Jenkins, Nate Wooley, Jeb Bishop, Jason Roebke, Jeff Parker, Mike Pride, Harris Eisenstadt, and Reuben Radding among many others. Jason has recorded on the Prefecture, Clean Feed, Nine Winds, 482, No Business, and pfMENTUM labels.

Trevor Pearson by TJ Keen

Trevor Pearson is a juggler and musician who grew up on Cape Cod.  As a musician, Trevor specializes in Musical Theatre, playing most often on the bass for productions at Cape Rep Theatre, Harwich Junior Theatre, and Cotuit Center for the Arts. He also plays with the Cape-based bands VB and the Buzz, Johnny and the Washashores, and The Impermanents. As a juggler, Trevor performs and instructs throughout the Northeast. Check out www.trevorthejuggler.com for more information. Image by TJ Keen.

JordanPerryJordan Perry is a guitarist and teacher currently living in Charlottesville, Virginia.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the Boyer College of Music at Temple University in Philadelphia. In addition to his compositions for solo guitar, Jordan has been a member of Philadelphia based projects My Mind, Eat Forever, and Heavy Sons.  From August 2012 to July 2014, Jordan was an instructor for Al Kamandjati, a youth music school based in Ramallah, Palestine. He currently runs a private teaching studio in Virginia and in addition to further exploring the guitar as a solo instrument, is a member of the Charlottesville group New Boss. www.jordanpageperry.com

Katie Schetlick

Katie Baer Schetlick (Co-Founder)  is a dance artist/maker/researcher and current Lecturer in Dance at the University of Virginia. Her choreographic work focuses on developing deeper kinesthetic conversations between seen bodies, seeing bodies and their shared environment. Her work has been presented at Dixon Place, Movement Research, NADA Hudson, Fleet Moves Dance Festival, the Museum Perron Oost (Netherlands), the International Dance Theatres Festival (Lublin), Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (Cairo), the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, Ruffin Gallery, Washington & Lee University, and the University of Virginia. Her writing has been published in Movement Research Performance JournalCritical Correspondence and the activist journal, Building Alliances for Social Engagement. Together with Zena Bibler, Katie is the co-founder of the Movement Party and the Fleet Moves Dance Festival. She holds a MA in Performance Studies from New York University with a focus on dance and the politics of space and BFA in Dance with a minor in Anthropology from the Alvin Ailey/Fordham University program. www.katieschetlick.com

BenVanBurenBen Van Buren is very moved to be a part of Fleet Moves 2015. Originally from Burlington, Vermont, Ben currently lives in-between New York and Brussels. Most recently Ben has been working with Alma Toaspern on A Bunch of Nasty Boys, (working title). The work, which centers around producing music excessively and cheaply, began in January of 2015 with the generous support of Kӧşe (kose.li) in Istanbul, Turkey. Ben is also currently a Masters student at the New School for Social Research (NSSR), in New York. More at:www.benvanburen.com

Lailye WeidmanLailye Weidman is a dancer and maker, currently based in Boston. Her recent projects include Higher ED—an interdisciplinary collaborative project exploring kite-mapping, dance, and micro-weather in NYC (supported by the iLAB residency), a dance theater duet with choreographer Alli Ross, and mining in the studio with dance artists Hana van der Kolk and Teilo Troncy. Lailye serves on the advisory board of Contact Quarterly, a journal of improvisation, where she has recently been a guest editor and editorial assistant. Lailye’s work has been shown at Anatomy Riot and Pieter PASD in Los Angeles, CounterPulse in San Francisco, APE Performance Space in Northampton, and Green Street Studios in Boston. She was a Spring 2012 Emerging Artist at Green Street Studios and has been an artist-in-residence at the Hothouse summer residency program at UCLA and the SEEDS Festival 2009 (Somatic Experiments in Earth Dance and Science). She teaches contemporary dance and yoga in academic and community settings. Her writing has been published in Contact Quarterly and ITCH dance zine.

RishaunaZumbergRishauna Zumberg lives, works, and dances in New York City. She lives amongst the concrete, the warblers, the dogs, and the trees. She works with youth from diverse backgrounds in developing greater health, self-awareness, and leadership. She dances with friends in her uptown Manhattan neighborhood and across other parts of the city with Movement Party and Accidental Movement friends. Three years of Fleet Moves on Cape Cod (and counting) brings Rishauna great joy and satisfaction to collaborate in such a beautifully lush landscape and community.