Performances & Events

Sunday, July 6

130708_FilmScreening_Fleetmoves-3585MOVING PICTURES FILM SCREENING This outdoor film screening behind Wellfleet Preservation Hall will showcase and celebrate the diversity of human movement cultures across all types of landscapes. Featuring films by Toma Jablon, robbinschilds, Justin Lynch, Eric Paré, Alec Sutherland/Emma Hoette, and Lily Baldwin. Bring a blanket and a picnic!

*All proceeds benefit Nauset Together We Can
Nauset Together We Can engages in activities relating to the identification, development, and implementation of community based solutions to prevent and reduce tobacco, alcohol, drug, and substance abuse and other high risk behaviors, to provide emotional and community support for children, adolescents, and families affected, to share information, and through education and promotion of activities, to increase awareness of issues related to substance abuse and other common problems affecting youth, their families, and communities.

Sunday, July 6, 8:30PM 
Behind Wellfleet Preservation Hall — $10 suggested donation
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Monday, July 7

IMG_5919 DAWN DANCE: Your participation requested

Gather together in the morning hours to welcome the rising sun over the Atlantic Ocean. This year Fleet Moves artists invite you to join this shared ritual at White Crest Beach. On Monday morning, we will unveil a simple movement structure to help us progress from White Crest parking lot to the water’s edge together.

Monday, July 7, 5AM
White Crest Beach — FREE

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through shadows is an installation of dresses and movement, rearranging the relationship between bodies and clothing – by Emma Hoette.


Opening Monday, July 7, 10AM-6PM & on view all week
Jeff Soderbergh Gallery – FREE


Participants of all ages from the Wellfleet community manifest movement of the plants, animals, and tides, where the ocean meets the land, creating a performance that highlights the mysteries of this strange and beautiful place of constant unrest. IntertidalDance is directed and choreographed Anne Zuerner and created on site at Mayo beach during 3 workshop sessions the week of June 30. All members of the Wellfleet community (ages 8+) are invited to participate and perform. To participate in IntertidalDance, email Learn more here.

July 7 at 2PM
Mayo Beach – FREE



Before Coming Back into the Light and Music and Dancing: A Study of Alvin Lucier’s Palimpsest Before coming back in… transforms Alvin Lucier’s composition from a palimpsest heard to a palimpsest seen. Remaining as close as possible to the composer’s sound score, itself based on a story “IF AT THE WEDDING (AT THE ZOO)” by Lydia Davis, nine dancers perform the work as an exactingly choreographed writing. Moving quietly from canvas to canvas, one for each stanza of the story, the dancers mark the rhythms and physicality of the writing, while the meanings of the words slowly recede.

Choreography and design: Abigail Levine
based on a musical composition by Alvin Lucier, text by Lydia Davis
Performed by nine dancers during the duration of the work’s exhibition .

Opening reception: Monday, July 7, 5-7PM
On view: Monday July 7 – Sunday July 15 
Farm Project Space + Gallery — FREE



Runn Shayo, a site specific multidisciplinary artist, will create a live installation at the Newcomb Hollow Beach parking lot. Melted Chicken Photoshoot is a time based performance ritual. The artist will move through a set of physical tasks investigating play as a processing and an organic healing ritual.

Monday July 7, 9PM
Newcomb Hollow Beach – FREE

Tuesday, July 8


I’ll Dance While You’re Dancing and We Will Have Danced Together is a dance structure developed by the Movement Party that looks at possibilities of dancing together across distances. Performers in disparate locations respond to their own environments by uploading short video loops to a shared feed. As video accumulates, performers are invited to respond to the contributions of others, tracking the flow of inspiration and the manner in which ideas get taken up, transported, developed, and recycled. …And We Will Have Danced Together has been performed in Amsterdam, Lublin, Cairo, Charlottesville, and New York City. Join us at Preservation Hall for a special Fleet Moves edition and watch as artists connect across the varied terrain of Wellfleet.

Tuesday, July 8, 7:30PM
Wellfleet Preservation Hall — $10
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 Wednesday, July 9

Rounds, created by Zena Bibler, is a dance for Wellfleet’s Long Pond. The result of slowly melting glacial leftovers, Long Pond’s sediments contain clues about the past lives of this well-loved landscape. Viewers may watch from any vantage along the water’s edge. Inverting the tradition of theater “in the round,” dancers move at the periphery of the performance space, attempting to share a dance that travels from one shore to the next.

Wednesday, July 9, 8AM
Long Pond – FREE


Tres is a performance of process, conceived by Jessie Young. Over the course of two hours, movement and sound scores will be developed in conversation with the performers and their surrounding environment. We will design, discuss, illustrate, take apart, put together materials from our surroundings. Community members are invited to witness our process and join us for the culminating performance.

Wednesday, July 9, 4:30PM
Parks and Rec Basketball Courts – FREE

fnx6Mb7MJ-VdVcGxeEyYpNJmwX6658xKBIV8bFpOsy4UHLXloiqYqQV6jXmohC4NLENZSjEXmC-7yLOEV31-llXSZbRUTz7shYMGrsggv29ShyFK_lrsC3EE3g-9Sb_WQKgpPSDyj8P-cfv0GFwpy5iwDo9iiUPg_WK1dw=s0-d-e1-ftDIKE DANCE

Dike Dance, by Lailye Weidman, engages with Chequesset Neck Dike and the history and future of the wetlands that have been affected by its construction. Five dancers will explore dynamics of flow, restriction, interdependence, and restoration. Come with shoes and bug spray for watching dance in the woods, marsh grass, and rocks.

Wednesday, July 9, 5:30PM
Corner of Chequessett Neck and Duck Harbor Road – FREE

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Untitled Quilt: Wellfleet is the quilting together of clothing, movement, and sound, accumulated over seven days spent in Wellfeet, Cape Cod – by Emma Hoette Sara Gurevich, and Erik DeLuca.


Wednesday, July 9, 9PM
Town Hall Lawn – FREE

Thursday, July 10


Watch as a temporary ensemble of Fleet Moves artists create instant choreography. HERE will feature an evening of improvised performance including dance, music, lighting, and costuming based on natural phenomenona experienced and documented during the artists’ time in Wellfleet. Disparate landscapes will collide and result in a place and time that may only be described as HERE.

Thursday, July 10, 7:30PM
Wellfleet Preservation Hall — $15
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Friday, July 11


This sound installation, for 10 tape recorders playing 10 handmade cassette tape loops, is a vacillating shower of sound composed of field recordings made in the National Park system. The duration of the work, roughly 6-hours, is determined by battery life. – by Erik DeLuca

Friday, July 11, 1-7PM
Wellfleet Preservation Hall – FREE

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This three-hour workshop explores the nonverbal language of movement as it occurs in the natural world. At the end of the workshop, participants will create a performance based on a series of scores compiled through observation and shared reflection at Marconi Wireless Station. Led by Becky Burrill, this workshop is open to both movers and musicians.

Workshop runs Friday July 11, 1-3:30PM with performance at 3:30PM
Marconi Wireless Station Site – FREE


Created on and for the stairs of the Adams Lodge in Wellfleet, four dancers explore the secular rituals we create to form identity and solidify social structures through childhood games and play. Standing room and lawn seating available. Feel free to bring a blanket or cushion for the grass. – By Zoe Rabinowitz

Friday, July 11, 5:30PM
Adam’s Lodge – FREE

140512_Fleetmoves_GreenBuilding_Benefit_WhitneyBrowne-4229CLOSING NIGHT DANCE PARTY

Join the Fleet Moves Artists at Wellfleet Preservation Hall for a sizzling summer dance party featuring sounds from local heroes DJ Fuzzy Fotch and DJ White Animal Sound, plus pop up performances by the Movement Party.


Friday, July 11, 8-11PM
Wellfleet Preservation Hall — $10 suggested donation
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Above photos: Whitney Browne & Fleet Moves Dance Festival Collaborators. Sunrise photo: Bill Shannon