2016 Events

Open Canvas

Open Canvas is a minimally structured time for experimenting with composition and collaboration. The practice is open to all, regardless of artistic training, and invites participants to move, make music, write, draw, or observe in a shared space and time. Open Canvas is inspired by several historic environments where artists overlapped in time and space, spurring innovation through a cross-breeding of ideas.

..Thursday, June 23, 7:30-9:30PM
@ Wellfleet Preservation Hall // $10

 Open Field Days

A two day event of outdoor workshops and performances that explore relationships between artists, community, environment, and daily life. Friday’s performance schedule is listed above. On Saturday, please join us at the Holbrook Village (Fleet Moves HQ @ 255 Holbrook Ave) for a pancake or three and other special surprises.



  • 12:30PM // PERFORMANCE by Jordan Perry + Fleet Moves Chorus @ Wellfleet Preservation Hall Steps
  • 3PM // PERFORMANCE by Trevor Pearson, Hannah Krafcik, Katie Schetlick, and Jordan Perry @ Mayo Beach
  • 4PM // PERFORMANCE by Lailye Weidman @  Corner of Holbrook Ave and Main Street
  • 8PM // PERFORMANCE by Jessie Young and SEAL BALLET by Zena Bibler & Collaborators @ Lecount Hollow Beach Parking Lot


  • 11AM-1PM // OPEN HOUSE & PANCAKES @ Holbrook Village (255 Holbrook Avenue)

 Morning Movement Class

Warm up your body and mind with Fleet Moves Morning Movement Class. Each morning, Fleet Moves Artists will lead a class that is inspired by their own creative practices. Classes will incorporate a variety of movement techniques, from improvisation, to Qi Gong, to contemporary dance and will offer participants a chance to breathe, stretch, align, and dance together. Come as you are, no dance training required. Wear clothing you can move in.

Monday-Friday, 10:30AM-12:00PM
@ Wellfleet Preservation Hall // $12

Monday, June 20: Jessie Young // Body Prep
Wake up the body through somatic principles of breath, stability and total body integration within Pilates and Yoga. Utilizing these principles, we will  move through structures and forms of directed action with a depended sense of intentionality.

Tuesday, June 21:
Rishauna Zumberg & Monica Robles // States of Being
This class starts where you are at. In a guided way, we begin moving from the state(s) we are in, exploring and embodying our own inner world, our opposites, and then our environment. We will then express the experience through writing, drawing, and re-telling through movement.

Wednesday, June 22:
Laurel Atwell // Qi Gong
Utilizing Qi Gong-based principles and exercises, we will identify and engage the systems of the body. By practicing forms and visualizations we will connect the corporeal to the energetic, the internal to the universal. This class is devoted to cultivating inner life force; discovering balance and rejuvenation.

Thursday, June 23: Lailye Weidman & Zena Bibler // Dancing Together:  Improvisation, Collaboration, and Self-discovery
How do we develop energy in our own dances? In this class we will share tools for finding improvisational/compositional ideas for solo dancing and working in partnerships/groups. 

Friday, June 24:
Athena Kokoronis & Ben Van Buren //Tools of Slowness, Repetition, and Memory

Moving Meditation from Land to Water

Greet the early morning with a gentle moving meditation, based on the practice of Authentic Movement pioneered by Mary Starks Whitehouse. This practice invites participants to move according to impulses and sensations that arise, from land into water, with eyes closed.


Wednesday, June 22, 7:30AM @ White Crest Beach // FREE
Saturday, June 25, 7:30AM @
Long Pond // FREE

Dawn Dance (special Solstice edition)

Part performance, part morning ritual, this dance unfolds along White Crest Beach as the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean and marks the official start of the summer season! Audience is invited to view or participate in a simple movement meditation.



Monday, June 20, 5AM
White Crest Beach // FREE