"Assembly _ _ _ _"

Fleet Moves is a site-specific dance festival that makes a whole town its stage. Presented by the Movement Party, in partnership with Wellfleet Preservation Hall, this annual festival features a team of visiting and local artists who converge for a program of multi-generational dance workshops, sensory walks, and custom-made performances inspired by the unique history, culture, and landscape of Wellfleet. In dialogue with Wellfleet’s overlapping summer and year-round communities, its rich history and maritime lore, and its thriving surfing and skateboarding scenes, Fleet Moves provides a rich performance experience that opens dance up to new audiences and explores how movement can enrich our daily lives.

“I celebrated the opportunity to be in Wellfleet last summer for Fleet Moves. With a wonderful air of spontaneity, dance was happening everywhere; emerging from the wild landscape and the bustling town. For the days and nights of the festival, dance was liberated from its usual confines and enlivened Wellfleet.”- Anne Fayen, Cape Cod resident


performance: Emma Hoette with Fleet Moves dancers
photo: Whitney Browne