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Inspiration #7: On the Sound (1963)

Donald McKayle, Mary (Bunny) Hinkson, and Matt Turney dance to a score by Gigi Gryce on the Long Island Sound.

Fleet Moves makes Project of the Day on Kickstarter

Remember when we said that Kickstarter loves Fleet Moves? Well today Kickstarter really loves Fleet Moves.

It’s not too late to pledge. We’ve made our initial goal, but the amount of dancing we’re able to make happen in Wellfleet (as well as the number of free events) increases exponentially with every additional donation.

Inspiration #6: Dog Eyes

Spirals, twists, floats, and falls…
Happy Friday! Stay inspired.

Dog Eyes by Erik Derman

Kickstarter loves Fleet Moves

Hooray! We made it to the “Staff Picks” list on Kickstarter and were also officially endorsed by the Dance Films Association and Fractured Atlas. Check Fleet Moves and other awesome projects here.

Kickstarter is LIVE!

Our Kickstarter is live! Now’s your chance to pledge your support.

Inspiration #3: Spell of the Sensuous

Ruth Thomsen, Dot Lady (1983)

‘Perception…is precisely this reciprocity, the ongoing interchange between my body and the entities that surround it. It is a sort of silent conversation that I carry on with things, a continuous dialogue that unfolds far below my verbal awareness… Whenever I quiet the persistent chatter of words within my head, I find this silent and wordless dance always already going on – this improvised duet between my animal body and the fluid, breathing landscape that it inhabits.’

David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World